'New Girl' Recap: 'Elaine's Big Day'

One the season two finale of New Girl, Cece had a wedding, Jess and Nick discussed their relationship, Schmidt and Winston tried to sabotage the wedding and Taylor Swift guest starred.

Let’s be honest here. Who actually thought Cece would say the big ‘I do’ and marry Shivrang? She obviously wasn’t going to and, as a New Girl fan and reviewer, I feared that the finale and the wedding would be predictable and lame. It wasn’t.

The episode began with a simple group picture. Jess and the guys were going to take a picture together and Jess’s dad was going to take it. After sarcastically trying to get Nick out of the frame, the group just gave up and headed to the wedding.

As a white, southern lady, I’ve never been to an Indian wedding. I am not sure what they look like, so I cannot comment on how authentic Cece’s ceremony looked. However, to me, it did look pretty close.

Elizabeth did end up as Schmidt’s date to the wedding and I am very happy about that. They seemed to make each other really happy. (And the fat-Schmidt flashbacks were a plus as well.)

Schmidt accidentally walked in on Cece getting ready and they had a moment. Even though everyone in the room was telling Schmidt to leave, Cece was just staring at him.

Schmidt ran to Nick and Winston and said that Cece didn’t want to get married and that she was going to back out. Except, Cece didn’t say it out loud; she said it with her eyes.

While Nick adamantly stated that he wanted nothing to do with sabotaging the wedding, Winston was totally game to help Schmidt.

A common theme throughout season two has been using Winston as comic relief. He has funny one-liners and relieves the romantic tension that is between Nick and Jess. New Girl doesn’t need comic relief, it is already funny. What they need to do in season three is to give Winston a storyline before he goes from funny to a tired cliché.

The first prank to stop the wedding went smoothly. Shivrang, who was headed toward the ceremony was riding a white horse. Winston spooked it with an air horn and it nearly threw Shivrang off of it.

Jess caught their scent and tried to shut it down but was too late. As the ceremony was starting, the crowd was stunned to hear Cotton-Eyed Joe over the speaker.

Nick, who was only trying to help, ran to stop it, only to find the entire sound system duct-taped. Just his luck, good guy Nick was interrupted by Jess. Jess assumed that Nick was helping Schmidt and Winston. She actually had good proof. It was Nick’s CD that was playing and Nick was unknowingly fist bumping to it.

Nick did try to explain himself but it didn’t work. Jess called him childish and they both walked away hurt and betrayed.

Throughout the episode, Nick battled with being good enough for Jess. He had to pull between thinking about what is best for him and what is best for Jess. It really showed how much Nick had matured throughout the season because he reflected on his decisions- kind of.

After Jess called Nick childish, all bets were off and he decided that he was going to help with the sabotage to get back at her.

It backfired. Really, really backfired. It was so bad that Schmidt had to go to Jess for help. Phase three of the prank-sabotage involved Nick, Winston and a badger in the air ducts above the wedding.

Winston was going to drop the badger on the priest.

In getting Jess’s help, Schmidt revealed that Nick wasn’t in on the sabotage until after his fight with Jess. So, Jess decided to get in the ducts too so she could talk to Nick.

The duct scene was another one of those New Girl moments that had me rolling my eyes. Come on. Jess couldn’t wait ten minutes for Nick to get out? These characters are adults. They are smart enough to know that getting into an air duct with a badger is a bad idea. On top of that, somehow these adults accidentally let the badger out of its cage.

As Jess makes it into the duct, she and Nick have a heart to heart. She admits that there is a small part of her that is scared that they won’t work out. Then they fall from the ceiling where Cece and Shivrang are getting married. Whoops.

At that moment, Cece turns to the audience and apologizes and says she can’t get married because it is not what she wants. Cece also admits that she is in love with someone else.

Shivrang is happy as well because he is in love with someone too. He is in love with a woman that he mother does not approve of. Elaine (Taylor Swift) stands up and declares her love to him. They run into each other’s arms and it is kind of romantic.

Taylor Swift’s guest staring role was disappointing. She wasn’t a bad actor; she wasn’t acting at all. Elaine’s dialogue seemed like something that Taylor herself would sing. Considering the show had played Taylor’s song 22, I thought they’d at least give her a wig or accent. The whole thing just seemed out of place.

Nick and Jess met again after the wedding and decided to call off whatever their relationship was. They tried and Nick said it was no big deal. Jess ran away crying.

Meanwhile, Schmidt’s love triangle broke. No matter how much Schmidt told Elizabeth that he sabotaged Cece’s wedding “as a friend,” Elizabeth wasn’t buying it.

It didn’t help that Cece walked over and literally said that she loved Schmidt and that he needed to choose. Who does he love: Elizabeth or Cece?

Instead of deciding, he just ran away leaving New Girl fans wondering who he will choose.

After Winston finally found his way out of the ducts, he joined Nick at a table. Winston was bleeding from a badger bite but he was still there for the confused and hurting Nick.

Winston told Nick not to be like his father. So Nick chased after Jess. Jess begged him not to call off their relationship. She wanted to try and Nick agreed. The two drove off into the night. They didn’t know where they were headed, just that they were going together.

So, what do you want to see in season three? What was your favorite moment from the finale? Are you team Elizabeth or team Cece?

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