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Top 10: 'Arrested Development' gags

Fans are getting ready to say annyong to the fourth season of Arrested Development next week as it comes exclusively to Netflix. Here is a rundown of the top ten running gags to help you refresh your Bluth-focused humor.

10. Illusions: We all know that a trick is something a whore does for...candy. What Gob Bluth does with his magic is illusions. Unless, of course, he just calls them tricks:

9. Freebies: Sometimes things just work out. If that happens to a Bluth, well, that's a freebie. Even if it's not murdering a family member:

8. Tobias is gay: Well, he's maybe not gay. He is married and he did run away with Kitty that one time. And he definitely doesn't just lie there, if that's what you're thinking.

7. Huge mistakes: Coined by Gob but borrowed by other Bluths, "I've made a huge mistake" could be plastered on the family motto. It may be the most prolific gag.

6. Her?: It's as Anne as the nose on plain's face; Michael does not like Ann. But sometimes love just doesn't make sense. So sometimes you might hear "Her?" from the vents. Or Michael will just never learn her name.

5. Never nude: There are dozens of them, dozens! And they're always recruiting.

Excuse me, do these effectively hide my thunder? #nevernude #... on Twitpic

4. Stair car: Michael's means of transport is a constant source of gaggery. From stair car to cabin to blood-color-stained sedan, Michael's never had it easy on the road. Let's face it, when you're driving a stair car, you're gonna get hop-ons.

3. Chicken dance: None of the Bluths have apparently ever seen a chicken.

2. Banana stand: "There's always money in the banana stand." The Bluths have always had their feet in two financial institutions: real estate and bananas.

1. Buster's hand: Buster lost his hand toward the end of the second season, but the gag had been running since early in the first. Rewatching the series, it's evident that so many of the gags were painstakingly planned from the beginning.

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