Tumblr Tutorial: TV Shows

From the outside, Tumblr might seem like an overwhelming world of fangirls and reaction gif.s. From the inside, though, it's a really fun place to talk (or squeee!) about your favorite things in this world, and one of those things is television. And, holy Ryan Murphy, does Tumblr love TV. This list is Tumblr's favorite TV shows to asdfghjkl; about!


Everyone's favorite brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester are all over Tumblr, accompanied by their trench coated angel sidekick. There is so much to talk about in this fandom: how much Sam and Dean look like Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, how much Dean and Castiel are totally in love, pie, and don't forget about the actual plot of the show. And fortunately for those obsessed with ghosts and other peoples family problems, Supernatural has over 170 episodes, and has been renewed for a ninth season!


You might roll your eyes at the mention of GLEE, but to be honest, we do, too. Rachel Barry at NYADA? Who cares? The new New Directioners? No thanks. Will Schuester entirely? Whatever. The only thing Tumblrians really care about is Kurt and Blaine. If those two aren't endgame there will be a riot.

Game of Thrones
Actually, mainly just Jon Snow...

And now for the British...

Doctor Who

Doctor Who may just be the biggest TV show, no biggest thing all together, on Tumblr. It would actually be really interesting to know the percentage of Tumblr users that are Who fans. There are over 250 episodes, not including some specials, it's multiple spin-offs and web series'. The show has been on since the early 1960's. It's definitely a source of British pride, and has seriously hit the American audience in the past couple of years. This show has everything! Horror, comedy, action, great acting and plot lines, and of course time travel!


Sherlock definitely makes this list, and beats the Guy Ritchie version hands down. This BBC adaptation has 90-minute installments, but unfortunately, there are only six of them. This has lead to Tumblr users to get creative while waiting for the next three episodes, the result of which have been some pretty funny memes.


It was a really sad day in the Tumblrverse when Merlin was announced to end. But even though the adaptation of the King Arthur story is over, fans are still loyal, and group together on in the Merlin tag to keep the love alive. I- I don't think I can talk about it much more... I'm still pretty messed up about that ending.

The great thing about Tumblr though, is that if you like a show (or anything really), there is definitely someone out there that likes it, too. If you're not into these, that's okay, because just about everything is covered in the Tumblrverse!

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