Viral Video Watch: Man reenacts animals violently eating food

A sensational Youtube hit features two roommates dining unceremoniously when one offers the other a chance to see how animals dine. What follows is a cascade of straight-faced buffoonery.

The above original was posted early last month and has since garnered over 54-million viewers. Mister Epic Man, the Youtube user who posted the video, has a slew of older videos which have been riding the wave of of popularity to respectable numbers of millions of views.

The Daily Mail reports that Mister Epic Man makes his Youtube videos in an effort to hone his cinematic skills. Like probably almost every Youtuber ever, he has dreams of movie glory.

As Metro points out, a major component to the humor is the silent room mate. The straight-man-character's flat reaction to his friend's violent displays of animal feats adds a level of humor.

However, the pressure inherent in following up on an internet hit may have proven too much for Mister Epic Man. His newest video is below, but be warned, it lacks all the humor found in previous videos. Mister Epic Man is clearly under the influence of something throughout production.

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