Boy Scouts and Southern Baptists clash on homosexuality

The Southern Baptist Convention met Wednesday in Houston and decided that the church opposes the Boy Scout of America's allowance of Boy Scouts to remain in the group even when openly homosexual. This decision did not come as a shock. In fact, some even considered the simple opposition of the decision to be less than the expected reaction.

The Associated Press reports that the Southern Baptists' decision will have a limited impact on either organization. While the church has denounced the decision, no connections between the two institutions have been severed. However, any decision maker who supported the allowance of homosexuals into the Scouts are now being called for removal by the Southern Baptists.

Even the official declaration of opposition to the Boy Scouts' decision was not unanimous. Chron reported that Charlie Dale, an official from a church in Alabama, argued that a homosexual scout deserves the outreach afforded other members of the community. Dale pointed out that homosexuals were not turned away from attending church and so should not be turned away from Boy Scouts.

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