Brandi Glanville's dog Chica goes missing, she gets new dog and fires assistant

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville, is introducing her family’s newest member, a dog named Chico, three days after her beloved Chihuahua Chica went missing.

The reality star tweeted a picture of her son with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian; Mason, with the caption "We have a new family member until Chica comes back to us. His name is Chico.” She followed up that tweet with, "Mason renamed him Chody.”

On Monday, she told E! News about her missing dog, Chica, "She is gone still. We are all devastated."

Glanville’s home in Encino, Calif. was broken into on Wednesday while she was away in Palm Springs, and the robber stole Chica. She has since fired her assistant, claiming she didn’t do her job in protecting her dog.

The assistant told TMZ, "I no longer work for Brandi. She texted me [Saturday] saying that I didn’t do my job by losing the dog."

Glanville, however, thinks her ex-assistant made up the story about a burglary because she lost the dog. "I did what I had to do. If I can't trust her with my dogs, how can I trust her with my kids?" Glanville asked.

image: NBC

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