Debbie Rowe, Katherine and Tito Jackson deciding what Paris Jackson's next step is

As Paris Jackson recovers in the hospital after a suicide attempt, her biological mother Debbie Rowe and co-guardians Katherine Jackson and Tito Jackson are trying to figure out what’s best for the 15-year-old in regards to her home life.

Jackson is undoubtedly still dealing with the death of her father, the late Michael Jackson, and reports have surfaced indicating that she’s been dealing with the negatives of being in the public eye.

"Katherine, Debbie and TJ are going to meet on this soon to discuss and come up with a plan," a source told People of the three. Jackson and Rowe just recently started to build a relationship, and this has caused a rift in her relationship with her brother Prince.

A source says the reason she has reconnected with Rowe is because she’s craving a stable family life, with her grandmother consumed by her late father’s wrongful death trial and TJ moving away.

"Paris is very unhappy and alone. She's living in this place and there's security and uncles and all these hangers-on. And she's alone,” said the source. “That's one of the reasons she reached out to Debbie Rowe – she wants a family, she's missed her dad."

The family insider also adds, “She was the center of Michael's world. And it's all different now. She's just one of many grandkids now,” suggesting Katherine just isn’t “capable of giving Paris all the support she needs.”

image: Wikimedia

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