Gaby Hoffmann reveals Mel Gibson 'made her cry'

Former child actress Gaby Hoffmann sat down with HuffPo Live where she dished on who she feels are the most difficult men in the industry to work with. The Now and Then actress admitted that the man who tops her list is none other than Mel Gibson.

“I think I happened to work with sort of a bunch of slightly difficult male directors when I was a kid," she explained in her interview as quoted by Us WeeklyLethal Weapon actors directorial debut, The Man Without a Face. The 31-year-old actress recalls that while working with the famously temperamental actor at the ripe age of 11, he screamed at her and made her cry. “He screamed at me,” she explained. “Oh, God, he really screamed at me. He just started cursing and screaming at me."

Hoffmann has since moved on from Gibson’s reign of terror, working alongside Zach Grenier and Katherine Waterston in Manhatten Romance, set for release this fall.

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