Michéal Castaldo’s “Bergamot”

Michéal Castaldo has independently released his eighth album, Bergamot: A Breath of Fresh Air, on June 25.

The album includes original, folk, Italian, Spanish and American hit songs recorded in Castaldo’s native language, Calabrian. The upbeat tempo of Bergamot features Mediterranean, pop and flamenco influences.

The album was produced by Stein B. Svendsen and mixed by Ric Shnupp.

If listeners close their eyes while listening to the album, they will be brought back to where Castaldo grew up in Calabria. They will get a feel for his villa and olive orchard without actually making the trip to Italy.

Castaldo’s tenor voice is magnificent in the beautiful Calabrian language. However, for American listeners who prefer music sung in their native language. This album is one to steer clear of.

Castaldo has added three instrumental tracks to the album. The instrumental tracks are for the three original songs included on the album.

The first 100 copies of the album sold will include Castaldo’s fragrance, “Musica.” The remaining CD’s will be scented in the fragrance, but the fragrance will not be included with the album.

Those who have never heard of Castaldo before, must check out the track “Hotel California.” It is a remake of the American band, The Eagles, hit song. The Italian flare Castaldo put on this track is flawless.

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