The Neighbourhood ‘West Coast’ and 'No Grey'

With their debut album I Love You, The Neighbourhood has reached success on the Billboard Alternative list with the song “Sweater Weather.” Their album follows up two EPs called Thank You and I’m Sorry.

The Southern California band has a soulful, dark, edgy, moody with a touch of hip-hop sound. Led by a tattooed front man, Jesse Rutherford envisioned the band when he was at Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival.

“The idea came about pretty quickly,” Rutherford told KROQ DJ Stryker in an interview about forming the band. “I just think that when you have a vision about something, you shouldn’t disturb that vision.”

In their hit single “Sweater Weather” shows off the sensual and soulful aspect of Rutherford’s voice. Rutherford is admiring a potential love interest with the lyrics, "little high-waisted shorts" before laying out his intentions of where their evening might go: "One love, two mouths / One love, one house / No shirt, no blouse.” “Sweater Weather” is a catchy sexual song that has grabbed the attention of radio stations.

With the success of their first album, they have released the tracks “No Grey” and “West Coast” on their website, Rutherford mixes the elements of rapping and singing. It’s a different and new style as there is a hip-hop influence on the tracks. Both songs paint a vivid image of California and Los Angeles and stays true to their black and white theme. It;s provocative and it’s clear that they are bringing the LA vibe to the music scene. Below is a preview of the timeless tracks.

I Love You is full of tracks with a mixture of music genres, yet it has a consistent beat that will have you playing it on repeat. The Neighbourhood is currently on tour and with the sneak preview of what to expect from their second album it’s safe to say it’s going to be amazing.

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