This Week in Facebook - changes in advertisements

Incase you’re getting sick of the many ways that companies are able to advertise on Facebook, don’t worry, because they are too. Facebook has battled complaints from companies that their various ways of advertising on the site are too complicated and too confusing, so they’re changing their formats.

The social network has over 27 advertising formats and plans to drop about half of them in an attempt to make it easier for companies to post their ad to the site. Companies are having a hard time choosing which advertising format will work best for their products, so Facebook is deciding to create a simpler format that will make the ad buying process simpler.

Companies will be able to buy ads based on what their clear objective is. If they want users to download their app to their iPhone they will be prompted toward different formatting than those who are paying to get more users to “like” their page.

Over the next six months, users can expect to see changes to the advertisements they see while accessing their Facebook pages. The social network plans to continue to research what has been beneficial to companies and what hasn’t worked.

Facebook currently gears users towards ads that relate to their preferences, but is hoping to find a clearer way for advertisers to gear their target audience on their own.

By making it easier to advertise on the site, Facebook will in turn make a larger profit off of its advertisements.

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