This Week In Fashion - Adam Levine releases video promo for his fragrance

Adam Levine has just given his fans another reason to love him. After releasing his first fragrance, Adam Levine, back in February, Levine has now released a promo video to show the fragrance lovers just why he decided to complete this venture.

Levine admits that he usually hates that celebrities all end up eventually creating a signature fragrance. He says in the video that he always thought their fragrances were produced without much of their own involvement in the creative process.

“It’s not that I hate celebrities,” Levine said in the promo, “and it’s not that I hate fragrances. It’s that when I see them, I don’t necessarily believe that people who are promoting them were particularly connected to what they were doing.”

Levine ensures fans that he was involved in the production of his fragrance from beginning to end, which is why he decided to create what he thought he never would. Levine tells fans that he was involved in the decision making from scent choices, all the way down to design of the bottle.

“I wanted to be involved every step of the way,” Levine ensured fans. Levine wanted to make sure that the product he was making was something that people would realistically want in the shelves of their rooms and on their bodies.

Levine’s fragrance is available for purchase now. Incase you didn’t have a good enough reason to purchase it before, after watching Levine’s promo video, you probably will.

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