Twitterverse jokes about Michael Douglas' revelation that oral sex caused his throat cancer

While many are floored by the news that actor Michael Douglas got throat cancer from oral sex, tweeters are making light of the situation in the form of jokes at the actors expense.

The shocking revelation was made public earlier this week following an interview with Guardian where Douglas noted that he got the cancer from oral sex from a woman who had HPV16. Douglas announced in August 2011 that he was cancer free and therefore the announcement that oral sex, not smoking or drinking, caused the cancer- made him fair game among jokesters across the Twitterverse.

“Hey girl, how'd your date go? Did know. GIVE HIM THROAT CANCER?" Julie Klausner tweeted according to Newsday.

“Somehow, this was the week throat cancer almost became sexy,” wrote radio host Deuce Radio.

“Are the tobacco companies paying Michael Douglas to say that oral sex and diet soda caused his throat cancer,” wrote Kevin Meaney.

“We need to understand the dangers of our sexual activities,” quipped Sir Nigel.