'Wipeout' Recap: Brains vs. Brawn

This week’s Wipeout is going to be Brain vs. Brawn themed. Twelve body builders are going to go up against twelve people with brainy jobs.


The qualifier starts with a wheelbarrow tumble into the demolition site, and then onto the Brawn vs. Brain Forest. Next up is the Big Balls, and then the Tongue Twister. The last obstacle before the finish is the Wipeout Dojo.

Tania Moore is a body builder, as well as a worker at a tan salon. Tania does pretty well on the wheelbarrow tumble, but she gets knocked off of the demolition site. She skips the Brain vs. Brawn forest completely, and chooses to wade through the mud instead.

John Mahoney, a Cloud programmer, is up next. He gets knocked off the Brain vs. Brawn Forest. He is hit near the end of Tropic Plunder and falls into the mud, but manages to make it across the Big Balls in one try. After doing well on the beginning of the Tongue Twister, he gets knocked off by a surprise pop-out from the course. John does relatively well in the Wipeout Dojo, although he falls off at the end. He finishes with a time of 3:05.3.

Richard Furstenberg, a realtor, goes next for the body builders. He falls off pretty quickly on the wheelbarrow tumble. He also falls off on the end of the Wipeout Dojo, but finishes with a time of 8:39.3.

Molecular biologist Andrew Fontes is up next. A surprise pop-out shovel on the demolition zone knocks him into the water.

Kenny Bates, a marketing psychologist, is ready for his turn. He also falls victim to the pop-out shovel, and doesn’t do much better as he falls off the Brain vs. Brawn Forest.

Jason Diodati, an inventor, runs through the demolition zone, only to get knocked off at the end. He does worse on the Brain vs. Brawn Forest, falling off during the first couple steps. The Wipeout Dojo is a similar story, and Jason is left to swim to the end.

Bodybuilder ‘Mangos’ Nahum Vizakis finds that his big size won’t help him against the qualifying course. He gets knocked off the demolition zone, and takes a quick fall off the Big Balls as well.

Sabrina Taylor, a former U.S. Air Force member, also has trouble on the demolition zone.

Biofuel specialist Kyle Botsch is the last contestant to take on the qualifier. He falls off at the end after having trouble on the Wipeout Dojo, but finishes with a time of 3:50.0.

Top 12

The top 12 contestants are ‘Tantastic’ Tania Moore, ‘Hacker’ John Mahoney, ‘Ripped Realtor’ Richard Furstenberg, ‘Fish for Brains’ Amy Black, ‘Evil Genius’ Andrew Fontes, Jaime Perry, ‘Mindbender’ Kenny Bates, ‘Potty Bot’ Jason Diodati, ‘Top Gun’ Sabrina Taylor, Rachel Baum, Fred Serricchio, and ‘Algae Avenger’ Kyle Botsch.

Miami Pound Machine

The next obstacle is the Miami Pound Machine. It is a series of spinning bars and platforms. Contestants have to get around the obstacle and to the end without crossing under any of the bars.

Jason and Kyle jump on first, grabbing onto one of the bars and riding it around. Jason jumps for the finish platform but gets knocked off, while Kyle falls off the bar. John almost makes it to the end, but falls off, as Jason and Kyle jump back on. Jason becomes the first to make it to the finish, and Kyle follows him quickly.

Andrew makes it around the rings and to the finish. As of right now, there are only Braniacs at the finish.

Sabrina jumps on, as does Tania and John. John falls off, while Sabrina and Tania struggle while they figure out how to to get off. Amy jumps on, but falls off pretty quickly. John jumps back on, and makes it to the finish.

Amy tries again, but falls off at the beginning. Sabrina, Tania, and Richard are all on the obstacle. Sabrina takes a mistimed jump for the end, and misses the finish platform. Richard becomes the first brawn to make it to the end.

Tania gets knocked off, but Kenny jumps on and makes it to the finish on his first try.

Top 6

Going into the semi finals are ‘Potty Bot’ Jason Diodati, ‘Algae Avenger’ Kyle Botsch, ‘Hacker’ John Mahoney, ‘Ripped Realtor’ Richard Furstenberg, ‘Mindbender’ Kenny Bates, and ‘Evil Genius’ Andrew Fontes.


The semi-final round is the Sugar Smash. Contestants start by hopping on a spinning Birthday Cake and swinging around to the other side, while avoiding the candy arms. Next, they climb the Cake Ladder, slide down the Lemon Drop, and then onto the finish platform.

Kyle jumps on first, but gets knocked off quickly, as does Richard. John jumps on, but gets knocked off by the rings, as does Andrew. Jason does well by jumping through the spinning rings. Kyle does that too, but get knocked off by a spinning arm and doesn’t make it to the next platform. Jason makes it down the Lemon Drop, but fails to make it to the platform at the end. John makes it towards the Cake Ladder as

Richard tries again on the Birthday Cake. Richard gets knocked off by the spinning rings. Andrew makes it to the Cake Ladder, as John fails to make it to the finish platform. Kenny and Kyle both get knocked off after making it past the Birthday Cake, but Kyle jumps back on and tries again. Andrew also fails to make it to the finish platform, as do Jason and John.

Jason, Kenny, and Andrew all make it past the Birthday Cake again, and Richard tries again, only to jump off into the water. No one seems to be able to make it onto the finish platform, until finally John manages to et through. Andrew falls off on the way to the finish platform, as Richard still can’t make it past the Birthday Cake. Kyle becomes the second to make it to the end, and Kenny becomes the third and last.

Top 3

Going to the Wipeout Zone are ‘Hacker’ John Mahoney, ‘Algae Avenger’ Kyle Botsch, and ‘Mindbender’ Kenny Bates. All of the brawny contestants have been eliminated from the competition.

Wipeout Zone

The Wipeout Zone begins with a stand up launch from the Slingshot. Then the Throwtisserie, the Dark Side of the Moon, and finally, the Twist and Fall.

‘Mindbender’ Kenny Bates is up first. He launches off the Slingshot and starts swimming for the Throwtisserie. He doesn’t make it to the barrel before falling off, and has to try again. He makes it through on his second try and moves on towards Dark Side of the Moon. He slides off well, but isn’t positioned for the platform landing, and has to try again. He makes it through on his second try, and moves on to the last obstacle, but falls off after the first of two trampolines. He manages to finish with a time of 18:15.08.

‘Hacker’ John Mahoney is up next. After a quick launch off the Slingshot, he is ready for the Throwtisserie, which he makes quick work of at first before falling off the ending platform. He makes it through on a second try, and then quickly makes it through the Dark Side of the Moon on his first attempt. He makes it to the Twisted Falls, jumps through both trampolines on his first try, and finishes with an incredible time of 5:10.50.

‘Algae Avenger’ Kyle Botsch is the last to go. After a rough launch off the Slingshot, he makes his way to Throwtisserie, but falls off in the middle. He makes it through on the second try, and quickly makes it through Dark Side of the Moon. A quick fall off of the first platform on Twisted Falls confirms his second place spot, and ‘Hacker’ John Mahoney wins the night.

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