'Being Mary Jane' Recap

Mary Jane Paul is a woman on a mission for perfection. No matter what her life throws at her, she seems to stay strong and pull through. And from the outside looking in, she has what many would call the "Perfect Life"; great job, big house, nice car.
The behind the scenes part of her life, though, is anything but perfect. She has a sickly mother, who houses all of her children other than Mary Jane, their children, her grandchildren, and their significant others. Mary Jane's brother, who is living rent free, is supposed to be nursing his mother back to health, but that's not happening. Mary Jane's young niece is pregnant again and her brother is dealing drugs.

This movie was really thorough in showing every intimate detail of Mary Jane's life. Her love life seems to be in shambles. Dealing with a married ex and the one that got away can really drive a girl crazy. Talk about intimate, in this movie we saw Mary Jane take a bird bath to freshen up before an impromptu date, and she went even further to masturbate before leaving.

The viewers also got a peek into Mary Jane's work life, and this is the part that I personally loved because I could relate. I'm going to school for broadcast media and here she is in the hot seat trying to bring to light some great issues about women of color. Ms. Paul wanted more than anything for a story showing the good about African-American women to be aired but this situation showed the viewers just how difficult trying to push such an issue could be.

Mary Jane's life can be related to from so many different angles, whether it be from a worrisome family, failing love, or a job you love but you want so much more from. BET will be spinning this movie into a series in January where we will find out more about Mary Jane Paul and her quest to be a more well-rounded woman.

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