Eddie Griffin facing lawsuit over homophobic slurs and throwing water bottle (Video)

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo actor/comedian Eddie Griffin is being sued by a woman who claims she was verbally and physically attacked by the comedian during one of his shows.

According to TMZ, who posted a video of the incident, the incident occurred at Tommy T’s Comedy Club in California one year ago. Lisa Champlin, the woman suing Griffin, and her partner attended the comedy show and became the center of a homophobic attack by Griffin. Champlin states that Griffin trusted his crotch into her face saying that they “would not need a strap-on or vibrator” if he were allowed to jump in.

Her girlfriend responded to the sexual assaults by throwing her drink at Griffin, who threw his water contents all over her. Champlin notes that the audience turned on her girlfriend and began hurling drinks them. She also states that it was obvious Griffin was drunk when he began his set.

TMZ notes that Griffin went on Facebook shortly after the altercation calling the women “dyke bitches.” Champlin is suing saying she was discriminated against, physically assaulted and is seeking unspecified damages.

Huffington Post reports that upon hearing the news, Griffin was threatening to sue TMZ for the headline “Eddie Griffin Assaults Woman At His Show In CA;” however, it wasn’t TMZ who posted the headline.

Ann Flagella, the president of Eddie Griffin's production company, released a statement to Huffington Post saying that while Griffin understands that TMZ did not post the headline “He is, however, still upset that TMZ is calling him homophobic when (in his opinion) he said the word 'dyke' as slang, not derogatory."

Flagella did not clarify he plans on suing TMZ.

Image: Eddie Griffin Facebook

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