Evan Peters and Emma Roberts happy again

It seems as though young couple Emma Roberts and Evan Peters have made up after their dispute three weeks ago.

The couple was seen on set of American Horror Story, smiling and looking as happy as ever says Perez Hilton. The two were seen with their arms around each other and looking very much in love.

Three weeks ago Roberts was arrested after cops were called to their hotel room due to a disturbance call. Apparently the two had gotten into an argument that led to them physically assaulting each other. When the police arrived, Peters had a bloody nose and a bite mark, which immediately led to Roberts’ arrest. The young star was released after questioning and early the next morning was seen crying in the arms of Peters.

The new season of American Horror Story, which will premiere in October on FX, is subtitled Coven. The cast is made up of returning actors as well as new ones, including the young couple as well as Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe and Frances Conroy (who are all returning members) and also new faces Kathy Bates and Patti LuPone.

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