Lana Del Rey diss track about Lady Gaga 'So Legit' leaked [VIDEO]

The Twitter-verse and Tumblr-verse are ablaze as Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey fans feud over leaked diss track "So Legit."

After the song first hit the social networking sites, Gaga's fans immediately began to viciously attack Del Rey, says Perez Hilton.

The song "So Legit" is said to be a diss track produced by Lana Del Rey in 2008, when Lady Gaga first achieved commercial success.

Although there has been no official word from either Gaga or Lana, the lyrics speak for themselves. Lana sings,

Stefani, you suck, I know you're selling twenty million
Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg

These lines, along with the rest of the biting lyrics, are enough to make you cringe uncomfortably in your seat.

Although the track is roughly five years old, it has caused a huge commotion amongst Gaga's fan base. Check out the song below and let us know what you think!

image courtesy of tumblr.

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