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The Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz’s 'Go Calypsonian'

Released July 9, 2013, The Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz’s album Go Calypsonian from Piranha Musik, successfully fuses calypso music with a big band groove. This 17-member group has packed the bars and stages of Berlin with their reeling rhythms, blistering horn play and fun cheeky lyrics.

“Edward the VII” is a pleasing tribute to the abdication of King Edward. Sax and piano play the classic calypso song “Love, Love Alone.” Then, a deep voiced yet spirited male vocalist sings lyrics like, “It’s love, love alone, that caused King Edward to leave the throne. It’s love, love alone, that caused King Edward to leave the throne. I know King Edward was noble and great but it was love that caused him to abdicate.” It’s a fun and catchy little tune that’s also quite danceable. The “Limbo Song” is a pure party song! The male vocalist returns to lively sing lines like, “Limbo limbo like me.” Listeners could easily play this song at their next party as their guests attempt to limbo and are further encouraged by this jolly track. “Snake Charmer” is a hypnotizing track with a big band tone. It begins with piano, percussion and trombone. Then, female vocalists in the background whisper, “Snake charmer,” as the male vocalist elaborates with lines like, “No matter what you do, beware the snake charmer…And many a strong-minded individual fight it. The old man warned you about the snake charmer.” Finally, “Dreams of a Jungle Cat” has a true island rhythm. It starts with percussion and trombone then the piano builds as it goes on. One could picture hearing this song while vacationing at a resort on a tropical island with fruity umbrella drinks and the sun streaming.

Go Calypsonian from The Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz is the ideal album for listeners to transport themselves musically to a tropical island complete with sultry ambiances and freewheeling fun.

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