Top 10 Billy Joel songs

Billy Joel was born William Martin Joel in the Bronx, NY on May 9, 1949. In 1974, his song “Piano Man” became his first top 20 single, his first gold album and he hasn’t stopped since. Churning out hits throughout the 70s, 80s & 90s, Billy Joel’s songs are the epitome of the fun, danceable feel good music. He’s had so many hits, it was hard to narrow the list to his 10 best songs, but here they are, my Top 10 Billy Joel songs.

10. ”The Longest Time”

Off of Joel’s 1983 album An Innocent Man, this song has Joel crooning about a woman saving him and him not feeling the emotions she’s stirred within him “for the longest time.” Any woman would love to have her man to say these romantic lyrics, which include, “Once I thought my innocence was gone/Now I know that happiness goes on/That's where you found me/When you put your arms around me/I haven't been there for the longest time… And the greatest miracle of all/Is how I need you/And how you needed me too/That hasn't happened for the longest time.” It's a sweet and loving ballad that shows off Joel’s tender side.

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