Top 10 ‘Whose Line’ Games

Whose Line Is It Anyway, the hilarious unscripted series that ran on ABC and ABC Family from 1998 to 2007, is back on the air. In honor of the return of one of television's funniest (and most unpredictable) shows, here’s a reminder of some of Whose Line’s greatest games. And, of course, because this is Whose Line, just remember that (to paraphrase Mr. Carey and now Miss Tyler) everything’s made up and the numbers don’t matter.

10. Newsflash

The setup is simple, a performer (generally Colin) goes in front of a green screen, weatherman style. The other players must then make Colin guess what outrageous video is playing behind him. While there are truly funny games where Colin is in front of sports bloopers or old monster movies, by far the best Newsflash game was when Colin had to react to video of Colin himself. It’s like looking in a hilarious mirror….It all started with a badly timed bald joke indeed.

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