Top Ten Lady Gaga Moments

The mother of little monsters everything is coming back in the scene. It’s been a while since Lady Gaga released any new songs, but a few days ago she announced the date of her new album (which is in November). So in honor of this walking fashion statement, we’ve come up with a list of Lady Gaga’s top ten moments.

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10. The almost moment when Lady Gaga was going to tour with Kanye West, but luckily that never happened.

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9. ABC Thanksgiving Special which showed a softer side of Lady Gaga as she sang for her family.

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8. Blood covered Paparazzi performance during the VMA’s that was most disturbing and interesting to watch.

7. Gay rights Movement. Lady Gaga has no problem coming out to the rest of the world and showing that she supports gay marriage and equality for all.

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6. XOXO Gossip Girl. Lady Gaga made even the snobbiest of Upper East Siders take a moment to enjoy a private show from Lady Gaga herself as she made a guest musical appearance on Gossip Girl.

5. Her fashion statement of meat. Lady Gaga decided to adorn a fresh cut outfit made entirely of meat.

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4. Disco Stick. She opened ears and made mouths drop when she introduced the world to the “Disco Stick.”

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3. Hermaphrodite Rumor. Remember when people were questioning the sexuality of Ms. Gaga. Well this rumor turned out to be completely false. But it is know that she is bi-sexual.

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2. Her SNL Make-Out Session with Madonna. First Britney, now Gaga. It seems like everyone can’t get enough of Mrs. Madonna.

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1. Jo Calderone. He’s Gaga of course, just her rocking, badass manly alter ego that even accepted an award of Lady Gaga’s behalf.

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Can't wait to see what else Lady Gaga has in store for her little monsters.

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