van der Hagen bar soap

van der Hagen Enterprises is the world's premier manufacturer for shaving tools. Thanks to their boar and badger bristle shave brushes, pure, kettle processed shave soaps, and other quality shaving products, men everywhere are reverting back to how their grandfather's shaved. The combination of pure ingredients and high-quality products deliver the closest, most cushioned and clean shave possible.

Now, van der Hagen presents their newest collection: Glycerin bar soaps. For years, shower gels have been taking over the soap market and pushing traditional bar soaps to the side. With van der Hagen's new Glycerin bar soaps, you can enjoy a fresh, clean feeling without clogged pores.

The purity of the ingredients and the bars superior rinsability produce a hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) soap that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. van der Hagen uses the same kettle process in making their shaving soaps to create their bar soap. The kettle process is a unique manufacturing method re-discovered by the van der Hagen family that combines an old fashioned technique with modern ultra pure ingredients. Once you try van der Hagen's bar soap, you will quickly realize that this bar not only looks different, it outperforms any product on the market - bar or liquid - available today!

van der Hagen glycerin bar soap is available in these scents: floral, unscented, fresh, and fruity.

Find van der Hagen soaps at drugstores and groceries nationwide.

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