August 8 marks International Day of the Female Orgasm

Women world-wide celebrate for today is August 8 which means it is International Day of the Female Orgasm. Despite the fact that the day was first recognized in Brazil, why leave women in other countries without the deliciousness that is the ‘Big O.’

According to International Business Times, the day is recognized in the hopes that women would be more aware of their own sexuality.

The day came to be after the Councillor of the Brazilian people in Esperantina, Arimateio Dantas,realized he owed his wife a day of pleasure after falling please her on multiple occasions, Postiar reports.

The holiday is now recognized in Norway and Denmark, where orgasm is actually a law! If a man fails to please his partner, he is reportedly fined a year of abstinence as monitored by a female police officer. According to a study conducted by Kinsey Institute, only one in three women in the United States is able to achieve orgasm during sex, the inability to achieve orgasm is known as “Orgasm dysfunction.”

So ladies, tell your men, embrace the day and don’t become one of the many women out there who suffer from “orgasm dysfunction.”

Image: WikiMedia Commons

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