Ben Affleck actually signed on for multiple Batman movies

As fans continue to harp over Ben Affleck being chosen as the next Batman, it turns out he has already signed up for multiple films, potentially playing the Caped Crusader in other films.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that unbeknownst to even some Warner Bros. execs, Affleck agreed to several movies. Willingness to do more than one film might be part of the reason why the 41-year-old actor and director was selected.

Ryan Gosling was reportedly in the mix to take up the Caped Crusader role, but didn’t want to do more than one movie.

According to The Telegraph, the Argo star was asked to direct several superhero films, including Man of Steel and even the Justice League film.

As previously reported, the news of Affleck being chosen did not go over well with fans. Though he has rebuilt his career over the last five years, he is still remembered for the stinker of a superhero film that was Daredevil.

The outrage has been intense enough to see several petitions circulate over having him replaced.

image: ABC

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