'Big Brother' Recap: Season 15, Episode 28

The twenty-eighth episode of Big Brother began with a recap of the Veto Meeting where Amanda chose to use POV on herself. As a result, Elissa nominated Andy for eviction in replacement of Amanda. Elissa stated that she nominated Andy because of his alliance with Amanda and McCrae. Both Aaryn and Andy hoped to get Amanda and McCrae's votes in order to stay in the house. [We'll see how this goes.] Being the bully that she is, Amanda verbally antagonized Elissa. She also called her a b***h and made fun of her, and this bothered the house guests. [Finally, everyone is seeing Amanda's true colors.] Spencer, Judd, Andy, and GinaMarie formed a new alliance called "The Exterminators," and formed a plan to get rid of Amanda. Spencer and Judd made an offer to Aaryn that they will vote to keep her in the house, but Aaryn was skeptical of that. Spencer also told Aaryn that he will put up Amanda and McCrae, which later came back to bite him in the butt when Aaryn told Amanda what Spencer told her. As a result, Amanda confronted Spencer and he denied everything he said and became angry.

Julie Chen had an interview with Season 10 winner Dan Gheesling. Dan said that Amanda is playing the game like a brat. (YES!) He also said that he hates showmances because they never last and cloud the players judgement. We also checked in on some of the show's biggest showmances: Rachel and Brendan from season 13, Dani and Dominic from season 13, and Jeff and Jordan from seasons 11 and 13 are also married. All of the couples-minus Jeff and Jordan- are happily married and agree that Amanda and McCrae are an odd showmance.

Time for the tenth Live Voting and Live Eviction! Amanda gave an excuse for her verbal bullying towards Elissa by saying that Elissa made an offensive comment by saying that she threw the POV Competition. [Whatever Amanda]. Both Aaryn and Andy gave a brief speech in attempt to sway the votes. After the Live Voting, the results were 5 votes to evict Aaryn and votes to evict Andy. During Julie's interview with Aaryn, Julie confronted Aaryn about her racist comments. In defense, Aaryn said that the things that she said were taken out of context because she is southern. She also denied saying the racist and homophobic comments and Julie quoted. [REALLY AARYN!] Julie told Aaryn that she hopes that Aaryn have a new perspective of things.

Time the HOH Competition! The competition was called "Big Hoppatunity," and each player must hop and run their balls through their "HOH" mazes. The first person to have 12 balls in his or her basket and ring his or her bell will become the new HOH. The players who acquire the least amount of balls will either have to wear a bunny or chicken costume based on the viewers' hashtag votes on Twitter of"#bbBunny" or "#bbChicken." 69% of the viewers voted for the last place players to wear a chicken costume.

Tune in Sunday at 8pm EST/7pm CT for the conclusion of this important HOH Competition and to see who the new HOH will nominate for eviction. Tune in Wednesday at 8pm EST/7pm CT to see who will win the POV Competition. Tune in Sunday at 9pm EST/8pm CT for the second Live Double Eviction!

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