Danny Bonaduce celebrates 54th birthday

Danny Bonaduce is an American radio and television personality, comedian, and professional wrestler who rose to fame as a child star in the 1970s hit TV show, The Partridge Family. Bonaduce has had many stints on radio. He was part of The Adam Carolla Show, hosted Broadcasting Bonaduce, and began hosting the morning drive time on WYSP in Philadelphia, which ended in August of 2011. Currently he has been performing on a morning talk at a Seattle radio station KZOK-FM since November 14, 2011.

The Huffington Post reported that in an appearance on "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" Bonaduce talked about the unusual experience of being both homeless and famous at the same time. After his time on, The Partridge Family, he said: "I lived right behind this dumpster, but I lived in my car.” He went on to say, "I'd wake up, kind of wipe my eyes, and I'd go right through the little arch and I'd be in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater, where everybody's footprints are. I was still famous and people had no idea I lived behind the dumpster... I'd be taking pictures with people and signing autographs."

He confessed, “When he was finished posing with fans -- and sure that they wouldn't see him -- Bonaduce would then sneak back to his car. It was totally embarrassing to be famous and homeless."

Later in his career,Danny Bonaduce released a debut LP by Lion Records. He made several movies during and after the run of The Partridge Family, such as Corvette Summer. He also made guest appearances on several TV shows, including multiple appearances on Married with Children, Space Ghost,CSI, Monk,and Sabrina the Teenage Witch— to name a few.

However, regardless of his fame and career, Danny Bonduce did have a down period in the 90s. According to Philly.com, Danny Bonaduce was arrested on charges of robbing and beating a transvestite prostitute. Police found him hiding in a closet in his apartment, and he was booked on accusations of three counts: felony flight, aggravated assault, and strong-arm robbery. He was released on bail last night.

Bonaduce, sadly, had a struggle with drugs for a while and was arrested while attempting to buy cocaine in Florida. He attended therapy and drug rehabilitation.

Eventually, Bonaduce got his life back on track and in order. He is currently married to Amy Railsback and released an autobiography, Random Acts of Badness. The star has come a long way from his child-star days and still has a steady fan base. We wish him well in his career and hope he has a wonderful birthday this Tuesday!
Image: Wikimedia Commons

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