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James DiMaggio may have followed his father’s footsteps

James Lee DiMaggio recently kidnapped Hannah Anderson in a crime that is oddly similar to a crime that his father committed in 1989.

An unnamed woman from California alleges that James DiMaggio’s father, James Everet DiMaggio, tried to kidnap a teenager at gunpoint in California nearly 20 years ago.

"He had told me, that he only stuck around because he was in love with me, he wanted to take me away to a better life," the unnamed woman told local CBS station KFMB .

The elder DiMaggio had been dating the girl’s mother. They had an argument about a car just prior to the kidnapping attempt, the LA Times reports.

Local media covered the crime when it happened. The articles have since been archived.

"His ex-girlfriend was not at home, but DiMaggio held the woman's teenage daughter and her boyfriend at gunpoint," the article said, citing prosecutors, CNN reports. "The boyfriend was handcuffed to a bedpost, but the girl escaped after asking to use the bathroom. ... Neither victim was harmed."

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