RumChata Review

I have always been a “rum girl” at heart. When I was given the opportunity to try Rum Chata, of which I never heard of, I happily obliged. It’s a cream rum. I would say it’s somewhere in the middle between milk and a milk shake in regards to thickness. The “chata” comes from Horchata. Horchata is a Mexican/Central American drink derived from rice, milk, vanilla and cinnamon. Upon opening, I could immediately smell the rice, vanilla and cinnamon. I thought I was smelling rice pudding (which is a favorite dessert of mine!). I couldn’t wait to try some of their signature drink recipes that they were so kind to share.

RumChata Colada:

Add 1 ounce of RumChata to your favorite pina colada recipe for the smoothest colada you have ever tasted.

Thoughts: Pina colada heaven! It’s the perfect laying by the poolside (or any “side”) drink. The addition of the RumChata adds to the flavorings of the pina colada instead of taking away from the classic cocktail. The vanilla and cinnamon bring the pina colada to the next level. It is sure to be a definite crowd pleaser.

Strawberry FrappaChata

1 part frozen strawberries
1 part pina colada mix
1 part RumChata
½ part rum
1 part ice

Method: Blend until smooth and pour into tall glass.

Thoughts: Loved this more than I thought I would. I’m not a huge fan of overly fruity or sweet “girly” drinks. A traditional pina colada is about my max. That being said, I did enjoy this. The strawberries were a great addition without taking over the whole drink. It was the right blend of ingredients for a beautiful summertime delight.

RumChata gained a new fan in me. Not many cream-alcohols can do this. If you are looking for something new to try, then hurry to your local store and pick up a bottle of RumChata. Visit their website at for numerous amounts of recipes including food recipes! I will be sure to try their RumChata French Toast and their RumChata Pumpkin Pie should be a real crowd pleaser for the Thanksgiving table! Enjoy.

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