Top 10 Celebrity Tweets, August 23

Friday is the beginning of the weekend, and so tweets by the world’s celebrities were plentiful. With news of Ben Affleck as Batman being the talk of the day, there was plenty of reaction on Twitter, both positive and negative. Kanye West also had his highly-anticipated interview with Kris Jenner, and even debuted the first picture of his baby girl North West.

Chris Brown is mad, yet again, at people and the “system,” and he took it out on TMZ, who he apparently pays and keeps employed.

Shaun White had fun with his dog, J. Cole was active in the community, Kobe Bryant turned 35, and Aziz Ansari has got into writing books. Here are you top 10 celebrity tweets for August 23. TGIF!

10. Bob Saget shared the words of Mark Twain:

9. Former teen hottie Drake Bell debuted a new tattoo:

8. Chris Brown threw shots at TMZ:

7. Stephen Arnell was excited about the idea of Affleck as Batman:

6. While Ellen Degeneres was thinking about being Catwoman:

5. Aziz Ansari is becoming an author:

4. Shaun White had some fun with his dog:

3. J. Cole was giving back to his community in North Carolina:

2. Kris Jenner interviewed Kanye:

1. And the Black Mamba celebrated his 35th birthday:

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