Top 10 'Twisted' Murder Suspects

Twisted is a show on ABC Family that is new this year. It follows the story of Danny Desai. Danny was recently let out of juvenile hall for murderer his aunt as a child. As Danny tries to begin school, another student is murdered. The citizens and the police chief question whether Danny is guilty.

The story follows who murdered a student named Regina Crane. She was killed at her own party and the police haven’t discovered the murder weapon. They have begun to assume that it is Danny but are looking into other characters.

Danny has a few stable relationships in the show. One is his friend Jo, then there is Danny’s secret lover Lacey. The show explores the bond between the three because Lacey and Jo saw the dead body of Danny’s aunt. His mother tries to support him but Danny is cold toward her.

In the most recent episode, Danny was expelled from school for poisoning Cole, his soccer teammate. Danny said that he was framed. After he was expelled, a private investigator was hired to help on Danny’s case.

I recap Twisted every week. I question who killed Regina and what is going to happen in the end. This top 10 list is simply based on my observations throughout the season. It may change after next week’s finale but, as of now, this is my list of who did it.

These are listed in an order. Ten is the least likely to have killed Regina and one is the most likely. I will tell you the character’s name, their motive and alleged proof.

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