2 Chainz's tour bus warrant return finds marijuna residue, painkillers and weapons

Rapper 2 Chainz is in trouble again, as his tour bus had both weapons and painkillers on it, as indicted by a search warrant return. Last month, the rapper and 10 others refused to get off of the bus when they were pulled over for a traffic stop in Oklahoma city.

2 Chainz, born Tauhed Epps, was among 11 arrested for “interfering with the police process.”

He tweeted after the arrest, “Don't ask me ask OKC police department what they found on the bus,,,,u won't get an answer because nuthn was found,” adding, “This sh-t will make u go crazy , our bus gets pulled 1 a week and they always say I smell weed I need to search ur bus. Sht gets tiring.”

According to The Oklahoman, the arrest warrant came back indicating police found marijuana residue, two semi-automatic pistols and a 12-gauge pump shotgun, as well as prescription painkillers. In addition, a partial box of ammunition for the handguns and twenty shells for the shotgun were seized.

The prescription medications found were hydrocodone and Flexeril, but neither had prescriptions with them. Although there was no marijuana on the bus, metal grinders, smoking papers with residue, rolling papers, scales and a tar substance was found.

The bus was pulled over after 2 Chainz completed a concert with Lil Wayne. Charges are still pending.

image: Wikimedia Commons

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