Dakota Fanning, Jesse Eisenberg go to Venice for ‘Night Moves’

Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning arrived in Venice this weekend to attend the premiere of Night Moves, the new film from indie director Kelly Reichardt.

The film is set in Oregon and focuses on three environmentalists (Fanning, Eisenberg and Peter Sarsgaard) who plot to destroy a dam that is damaging local forests. It puts a light on eco-terrorism, a term Reichardt told The Associated Press that she doesn’t support. Instead, she’d call it “activism.”

“But if there is radicalism, I guess I would say it is on behalf of the corporations,” she told the AP before the film’s premiere. “When I drive cross-country and I see the face of America, to me it feels radical in how little remains untouched.”

She also said that the thriller isn’t meant to be political. “It's really a character film, and just based on what I think would be the conversation of our time,” she said.

“My character thinks of himself as a soldier in a war fighting what he views as modern society that's been co-opted by business and technology,” Eisenberg said about his character, notes the Belfast Telegraph. “I suppose there is a kind of irony if he is fighting to create a more beautiful, peaceful and sustainable environment, but doing it through kind of dangerous means. He views his acts as right and just, and he views the damage as collateral damage.”

Fanning, 19, noted that she didn’t really come to grips with the environmental issues until she saw the forest damaged firsthand. “There is a scene when they are on the boat going through a tree grave yard, with stumps sticking out of the water,” Fanning told the AP. “They used to be trees, but the dam has changed the level of the water.”

According to The Daily Mail, the film will next be shown at the Toronto Film Festival on Sept. 8.

Fanning can also be seen with Kevin Kline in The Last of Robin Hood, which will also be shown at Toronto. In it, she plays a young woman who has a romance with Errol Flynn.

image: Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images for Maserati/image.net

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