'Ghost Adventures' - Victorian Mansion

Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin visited the haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner MA. But, on the way, they stopped in Boston, Nick’s hometown. And, in light of the recent bombings during the marathon in April 15, 2013, they paid their respects to everyone affected. I must say this speaks very well of the character of these gentlemen, and I’m sure it was appreciated by any watching who were touched by that tragedy.
The Victorian mansion is also known as the Pierce Mansion, as it was owned by the Pierce family for many years. Built in 1875, with its yellow siding and green trim, it is the quintessential Victorian home. This house has a long history of death and sorrow. There seems to be a struggle in the house itself between Good and Evil. The couple that currently owns the house, Edwin Gonsalez and Lillian Otero, have moved out due to the extreme and very upsetting paranormal activity in the home. Edwin said that at first it was great and everything was wonderful, that the house was beautiful. But, very soon it took a dark turn. One day he felt something in the room with him and when he looked, saw a man with black eyes just staring at him. Edwin said it made him actually shake and he left the house. Upon walking across the street he saw something was happening and when he asked was told that someone had just had a heart attack. It was at the very moment that he had seen the specter starring at him. Zak told us that many times the spirits seem to be playing games with humans and what may seem like a coincidence really isn’t; they are just playing games with souls and minds. Another man, a 6’7” 300 lb. fellow, John Brightman III, was investigating the house and he got “played with”. His Ovulous captured a voice say “squeeze every throat” and when he look at his neck, there was a scratch, caught with a camera, of a Roman numeral IV. No one had mentioned that he was a fourth in his family with his name.

The guys spoke with their researcher, Jeff Belanger, and he told them that seven deaths had occurred in the mansion. Six of those deaths were of the Pierce family. The deaths included men, women and children. The neighbors had asked the owners at different times how many kids they had and they were surprised to hear, “none”. The neighbors on both sides of the home have seen children through the windows. A woman has also been seen crying in the house. One man, not a Pierce, was said to have spontaneously combusted in the house. When the firemen were called, they found no evidence of a fire, just the burned body of a man. It was when Jay Stemmerman owned the house that the dark seemed to enter the place. The guys spoke to a psychic and she wouldn’t even talk about the things he was into and seemed very afraid. She said she didn’t even like being in the house. The current owners said the last straw for them came when Lillian seemed to be pinned down in bed and couldn’t move. She had yelled for Edwin and when he came she told him “she won’t get off me”, but later didn’t remember saying anything but “push me, help me move”. They decided enough was enough and left. They haven’t lived there since that happened.

The team set up the nerve center in a truck outside and while Zak and the guys did a camera sweep they already picked up some paranormal activity. Zak was walking by the stairs and they all heard a loud bang coming from upstairs. They hadn’t even begun the lock-down! This place is really active with spirits. Zak yelled up the stairs “Who’s up there?” and the answer was recorded, “me”. It seemed to be a female voice. Just then Aaron felt something touch his shoulder and said the room felt “thick”. Zak asked, “Who’s in here?” Again, we all heard a loud bang! He started talking to Mr. Pierce and again the loud noise was heard. Zak asked the spirit to manifest so he could talk to him and see him. Zak asked what the spirit wanted. They were now on the third floor and a camera suddenly went down. A ball of glowing mist shot toward Aaron’s face and then went back into the room. The only ones to see this were the guys in the nerve center. They quickly stopped Zak and Aaron from going back into the room that the ball of light had just reentered. Zak asked the spirit, “Are you dead?” No answer came. They did a quick check of the room to debunk any noise from wind or swinging shutters. All the windows were closed. They went back to the nerve center to review the tapes.

The guys asked Edwin to accompany them on the lock-down and he agreed. They did a spirit box session in what was believed to be the most active room. Zak asked several questions and a mist was seen by him. “He’s here” was heard coming through the SB7 spirit box. They also captured “David” but that didn’t seem to match anyone who had lived there. When asked if the spirits wanted them to leave the house, the answer came, “no”. When they asked do you want us to sell the house, “not sure” was heard. Upstairs, Zak continued to ask questions, but when he had Edwin ask, “What is the name of the woman who lives in this house?” they received the answer, “Lillian”! They went back to the nerve center to review the tape and just Zak and Aaron returned to the house.

When Zak tried provoking the spirits into pulling his leg and dragging him out of the room, he and Aaron both heard a voice say, “go to sleep”. This is considered a Class A EVP, 100% validated as paranormal. No one knew why that was said and Zak hoped that the things they had observed would validate some of the mystery and help the couple who owned the house have some peace.

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