Kevin Smith praises Ben Affleck, claims 'I trained Batman'

Kevin Smith may be better known for his roles in Jay & Silent Bob, but it is perhaps him we must thank for the Oscar award winning director and actor Ben Affleck…that is, if you’re asking him.

TMZ caught up with Smith where he defended Affleck’s not well received < ahref=>role as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel.
"I'm not saying I made Ben Affleck who he is today... but I made 'Mallrats' with him 'Chasing Amy', 'Dogma.' So in some weird way, now that he's becoming Batman, I trained Batman,” Smith tells TMZ.

Taking on a more serious note, Smith explained that he is supportive of his longtime pals new opportunity saying, “This was a guy that I worked with for the first 12 years of my career, a lot of people say the best years of my career, so to see that guy take the big role, take the mantle of Batman, one of my favorite characters on the planet, that's kinda dope."

Following the announcement, Affleck has not received a significant amount of praise from his fan base. The Argo director and actor’s role as the caped crusader has been made fun of on Twitter and slammed on a variety of other social media. He has, however, received praise from Warner Bros., the production team behind the Man of Steel sequel, and longtime friend Matt Damon.

Image: NBC

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