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Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have family day walking through New York park

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom may be extremely busy, but they make sure to save room in their schedules for some family time with their son.

Two-year-old Flynn joined his parents for a walk through New York last Monday. According to E!, he and daddy spent some quality tie in the park while Kerr ran errands, sharing a Popsicle and having a good time. Bloom even carried his son on his shoulders for a bit through the park.

Mail Online reports that not only was the family adorable together, but also extremely fashionable. The Australian model sported denim jeans, ballet flats and a blue blazer, while her actor husband wore black trousers, a black zip-up and a black baseball hat. Little Flynn was the most fashionable of the three, showing off in a leather jacket and jeans.

Apparently, Flynn is also very environmentally aware, as he was spotted placing his juice bottle in the recycle bin.

Bloom is currently a part of Broadway’s Romeo and Juliet, which so far has not fared very successful ratings.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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