'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: 'Blood Moon'

Season 1, Episode 2: “Blood Moon”

The scene opens up to Ichabod being chases by the horseman through the woods, who is then joined by the three other rides. Just when we think it’s the end, Ichabod is swallowed up by the earth where his wife pulls him to safety.

Katrina warns of a woman that he must stop before the blood moon. Just as quickly as it starts, the scene ends with Ichabod waking up. It was all a dream.

But then the questions lingers. Who is the woman that he is supposed to stop. Only this episode will tell.

The whole town of Sleepy Hollow is terrified from the previous events that have been plaguing the town and it’s people. No one is willing to testify in an upcoming case and Abbie knows the truth, while others don’t want to get involved. Nothing is what it seems. All of this is happening while poor Ichabod is under hotel arrest and is trying to figure out modern technology that is far advanced from his knowledge of what used to be 250 years ago.

Poor Abbie just wants to hold onto her job and her sanity, if it’s possible.
It appears that evil has found a new and hopefully not permanent home in Sleepy Hollow.

Meanwhile in the morgue, poor “Harold” yes I’m going to call him Harold after his character in Harold and Kumar is back from the dead thanks to an evil spirit that snaps his head back on. Once his head is back on, sort of straight, he starts choking up a pendant, that left me gagging at the sight. He is informed by the foreign speaking spirit/devil that he has to release someone. It seems this poor guy can’t catch a break with being recently killed and everything.

Ichabod seems more concerned about the price of donuts and sales tax instead of giving personal details to Abbie about his relationship with Katrina.
Ichabod figures out that the evil that he must stop, has to be a witch, while “Harold” sets out with the necklace at midnight only to have the necklace catch on fire and have a burned, unsightly woman appear.

After this scene, “Harold” is dressed up in his police outfit and pulls over, what appears to be an innocent man who ends up being burned alive by the burned woman.

Ichabod may be trying to find this woman but Abbie is dealing with death of her very close co-worker and mentor, who gave me more fatherly advice in 5 minutes, then she had received in her whole life.

Abbie and Ichabod make a great team who seem to rely on one another with an interest in each other’s romantic relationships, funny jabs, and ability to figure out the evils in the town. If things don’t work out with Katrina, maybe there could be a future romance? A girl can dream.

Fast forward from my train of thought and Ichabod and Abbie are digging through some old files and come across who the mysterious woman is. It’s a witch/gyspy woman names Serilda of Abadon whose fate was sealed by the coven of the witches. The truth then comes out that the man in the burned car was a descendent of the man who burned Serilda.

When confronted with Serilda, in the secret tunnel of witch bones, Ichabod is told that Katrina is in-between worlds, which gives Ichabod the hope that he may be able to bring Katrina to present day.

The episode ends with Abbie's sister in the mental ward where there is an inkling that she may be haunted. So many questions have risen in this episode and with the charm of Ichabod’s accent; I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

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