Danielle Fishel talks upcoming wedding, 'Girl Meets World'

Danielle Fishel, who played the beloved character Topanga on the 90s ABC sitcom Boy Meets World, opened up about the new spin-off show Girl Meets World, as well as the plans for her upcoming wedding.

Fishel told US Weekly a few details of her plans for her wedding to fiancé Tim Belusko, revealing, "Midnight blue is my main color. The color I’m wearing, basically, I think it’s perfect for a this-time-of-year wedding. Kind of big, like 250 people. It’s going to be really fun! I’m really excited about it."

Access Hollywood reports that the ceremony will be fairly big, with about 250 guests. The couple will honeymoon briefly in Maui before filming for Girl Meets World begins.

“It’s going to be really fun!” Fishel gushed. “I’m really excited about it.”
Although Fishel couldn't be happier about her upcoming nuptials, she said that her on-screen husband, Ben Savage, "will always be my first husband. Any time I’m around Ben, I feel like I’m at my most comfortable because we’ve been together for 20 years, so it’s been nice to be back together."

Belusko doesn't seem to mind too much, though, as the 32-year-old actress said, "He totally accepts that. I mean, he knows that Ben and I have been together for a long time as an on-screen couple and to a certain extent when you’ve been with someone for 20 years like that it’s impossible to have none of that rub off a little bit in person."

Of her new show, Fishel said, "We start filming in November. Ben and I take the kids out for dinner occasionally. We’ve tried to bond, and I think we’re already a real-life family so it’s going to be nice." We'll be able to see the family chemistry starting in 2014 when Girl Meets World airs on The Disney Channel.

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