Lady Gaga ‘Venus’ audio is released

Lady Gaga has pushed the music boundaries of pop music again with her latest single off of ARTPOP, “Venus.”

Gaga recently released the lyric video for “Venus.” The single is very interesting, making sexual references and talking about going to another planet. Gaga is known for using metaphors and colorful language to describe a variety of actions but this seems strange even for Gaga.

About 1 minute and 45 seconds into the song Gaga really showcases her vocal range. The rest of the song is Gaga creating a hybrid of speaking and singing. Gaga has such a strong range as a vocalist but it is not showcased on this song. Songs that focus on just Gaga and a few instruments really highlight that talent. “Venus” feels like it has been heavily produced.

Gaga even takes a moment in the song to just speak different planet names out loud.

“Venus,” is very different and is pushing the boundaries of pop music and that is what Gaga is known for but fans might be starting to wonder if Gaga will ever just sit in front of a piano and sing. Hits like “You & I,” really showcased that side of Gaga instead of the dramatic over the top superstar style that “Venus” gives off. ARTPOP seems to be going in the direction of new age and heavily produced but fans will have to wait a little longer to hear the entire album.

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