Pediped shoes

Pediped shoes are, as the company states, the next best thing to bare feet. Their products provide the ultimate comfort for your feet, meaning you can get rid of those clunky, uncomfortable shoes that your children wear. No longer will putting them on be a struggle, because they won’t even know that the shoes are there.

Pediped’s Footwear System includes three levels for three different stages of childhood. They can take their first step wearing Originals, which are best for kids up to 24 months. These shoes have soft, flexible soles that will make your baby feel like he or she is walking barefoot.

The next step is the Grip-A-Go, which is best for children between nine months and three-years-old. They build upon the Originals, using special G2 technology that has a soft rubber sole, soft toe box and heel stability. These are great for active toddlers who love to run around and helps improve their walking.

Finally, there is the Flex shoes for big steps. These are best for children ages one to eight. They help your child develop a natural stride with maximum comfort.

We had our photographer Cindy show off the shoes in a creative way, with adorable costumes. Check out the photos in the gallery. CLICK HERE TO START GALLERY.

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