Top 10 Chris Brown songs

Possibly the strangest news broke about hip-hop artist Chris Brown, who claimed in an interview that he lost his virginity at the age of eight. The singer stirs controversy among his listeners once again, continuing to add to his notoriety as a public figure. First, it was his domestic abuse incident with his then-girlfriend Rihanna. Four years later, it was a hit-and-run accident which landed him hours of community service. And now, he’s in the spotlight once more, recounting how he lost his virginity.

If you’re having a hard time recalling Brown’s music in the midst of his ongoing notoriety, this top 10 list of his songs is for you.

10. Yeah 3X

This song is for those Chris Brown listeners who revel in his more upbeat dance music. Worried that he was alienating his pop listeners, he released this song to satisfy his fan base waiting for a lighter beat.

9. Kiss Kiss ft. T-Pain

While Chris Brown’s career is full of sweet melodies about falling in love, this song offers a darker insight into the inner workings of the hip hop artist. In an interview with Shaheem Reed, Brown revealed that this song’s original version was rejected by producers for being too adult.

8. Wall to Wall

Although well-liked by many critics, this song failed to gain popularity internationally. The music video alone, however, is enough to garner interest as it combines themes from Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Wesley Snipe’s famous film Blade.

7. Run It

“Run It” is perfect for any dance club in need. In many ways, this song was a critical point in the young artist’s career, transforming him from the small-town innocent crooner to a tougher and more varied musician.

6. With You

Maybe this song sounds familiar to you, and maybe it’s because it’s eerily similar to Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” In fact, the two songs were both produced by Stargate which received serious criticism for seemingly recycling Beyonce’s hit into a Chris Brown single. Regardless, some good things are recycled for a reason and Brown manages to take this song to another level.

5. Sweet Love

Listen to this song while getting ready for a first date. “Sweet Love” is one of those rare songs about affection that is not so sentimental it strays into areas of sappiness. Instead, it manages to be provocative, spirited, and forceful. The song received a lot of attention for it’s sexual lyrics, with critics identifying it as pure “baby making music.”

4. Say Goodbye

If you’re going to listen to “Sweet Love” on the way to a first date, it’s only right you end the relationship with a Chris Brown song as well. “Say Goodbye” might break your heart, but in the case that it’s already broken indulge in this song.

3.Yo (Excuse Me Miss)

Half of Brown’s appeal is really his dance moves, so watch a young Chris Brown try his hardest to get a woman’s attention by sliding down the sidewalk after her, donning only his best moves. “I was made to bounce like this,” he croons but the catch is that the rhythm can make a natural-born dancer out of even the clumsiest of us.

2. Ain’t No Way

This song appeared on Chris Brown’s self-titled debut album and like many of his earlier songs, it showcases his young boyish faith in love which made so many fall for him.

1. How I Feel

Perhaps not Brown’s most well known song, but it offers deeper insight into the man behind the pop artist. In one of his most vulnerable songs, he recounts his childhood with unembellished honesty and reveals his current doubts about his successful career.

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