Top 10 songs featured without instrumentals

There is a new trend in the music industry that has grown in popularity over the past few months. Fans and artists have been isolating vocals from popular music singles. In today’s music industry, songs are often over produced and driven by heavy beats.

This new feature of music, just isolating the vocals, showcases the talent of each individual audience. From Linkin Park, Katy Perry to The Beatles, fans are making it possible to hear just the vocal performances from the artist without instruments.

These famous songs are given a whole new life by just providing the vocals. Eminem on his hit “Lose Yourself,” with just his lyrics is haunting and inspiring. Hearing only Kurt Cobain perform, “Smells Like Teen Sprit,” gives the audience chills. put together a top ten list of the most impressive “just vocal” YouTube music videos. Does your favorite make the cut? Comment below.

10. What I’ve Done-Linkin Park

Chester Bennington is known for a vocal range that can accomplish intense vocal runs and all out screams but it is interesting to hear just Bennington performing, “What I’ve Done.” The vocal performance has another level of intensity that can be found without the instrumentals.

9. Bring Me To Life- Evanescence

Evanescene formed back in 1995 and burst onto the music scene with their single, “Bring Me To Life.” Amy Lee from Evanescene is known for unique rock, gothic style vocals and this “vocals only” take on “Bring Me To Life,” is not only powerful but haunting.

8. Firework-Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a true firework with this vocals only performance. Perry is one pop star that is climbing the charts and has the vocal range to back up her success.

7. Come Together- The Beatles

The Beatles are music royalty. Hearing simply the vocals on “Come Together,” is inspiring. Every single aspect of a Beatles record was thought out brilliantly. The Beatles rose to fame back in the 1960s but their music is still just as passionate today in 2013.

6. Livin’ On a Prayer- Bon Jovi

At sporting events everywhere, “Livin’ On a Prayer,” can be heard sung through out the audience but hearing just Jon Bon Jovi perform his classic hit, is one musical treat for all listeners. Hearing the chorus is really what sets this vocal track apart.

5. Still Into You-Paramore

Paramore recently posted a video of Hayley Williams of in the studio recording their latest hit, “Still Into You.” Williams has mastered the art of rock/pop and does not lack when it comes to performing live. This studio version of “Still Into You,” sounds better with just vocals then with instrumentals.

4. More Than A Feeling-Boston

“More Than A Feeling,” is a classic rock ‘n’ roll anthem. Hearing only Boston perform the song reminds fans about the true passion behind rock ‘n’ roll vocalists, it is about telling a story and connecting with fans, even without instruments.

3. Even Flow- Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder’s voice is one of the most recognizable in rock music today. Hearing this vocal performance of “Even Flow,” makes it very clear why that is.

2. Lose Yourself-Eminem

Eminem is a lyrical wordsmith. After hearing the vocal only track from “Lose Yourself,” it was clear that this song was personal for Eminem. The passion behind every word and anger that the audience can feel in his delivery, it creates a story that is personal, meaningful and insightful. Eminem is more than funny gags and music videos, Eminem is truly an artist for generation now.

1.Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana

Kurt Cobain inspired a generation with songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Hearing just Cobain’s vocals from the hit single might make audiences sad. It seems unfair that a talent of this level with this passion was taken from the world so soon.

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