'America’s Next Top Model' recap: ‘Finale part 2 – The Guy or Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model’

On the cycle 20 finale of America’s Next Top Model, one of the three remaining models was eliminated before they competed in the final runway show, shot one last photo shoot with Tyra, and, then, the winner was announced.

The first part of the finale last week left off with Tyra surprising the models backstage and announcing that one of them, Cory, Jourdan, or Marvin, would be eliminated right there just minutes before the runway show was about to start. The judges assessed their Guess photo shoots to make their decision. Jourdan was told she was safe first. This meant my prediction was right – the finale would be a guy versus a girl.

But which guy? The scores were tallied, and Cory was eliminated while Marvin was still in the running. Cory was crushed, but he said that at least he doesn’t have to pretend to be more masculine than he really is now.

He didn’t really have time to process it, though, because the show was about to start! The runway was outside at nighttime, decorated with traditional Bali décor and featuring Bali people in traditional garb as performers. Tyra announced that Bali revolves around good versus evil and “that’s where our story begins.”

The fashion video the models shot a few episodes ago played on the big screen. The film started with Jourdan and Marvin hugging. But then, Jourdan becomes a star and is put in a photo shoot with Cory, who she falls for and makes out with! Later, Jourdan spies Cory kissing another girl and runs back to Marvin who notices a bruise on her cheek. The video ended with the text “Who will she chose?”

We would find out in the runway show! All the models from Cycle 20 strutted their stuff on the catwalk, wearing sleek black dresses and suits. Even though I’m team booch blue, I thought Jourdan’s walk looked better than Marvin’s. That is, until, Jourdan’s dress got caught in her shoe and she stumbled! She held it together and kept going like a professional, though.

Jourdan’s next outfit was stunning – a short, sparkling gold dress with a huge gold headpiece and cape made of chains. Jourdan, Marvin, and Cory acted out a scene on the end of the runway. Marvin and Cory began fighting over Jourdan, and then Jourdan pushed Cory to the floor! Jourdan then started snapping photos of the fallen Cory before she grabbed Marvin and smooched him on the lips!

After all the models came back out for the final walk, they were finally done. Marvin and Jourdan went back to Ayana Resort and Spa to unwind and spend the night. Although they thought they were done, the next day Tyra showed up; they would be doing one final photo shoot with her.

Tyra told them it was all about beauty and art rather than fashion. She pained two Xs (for Cycle 20) on their chests, and they got started. Marvin was up first, wearing only tiny black shorts. He looked fierce and his abs were out of this world. Jourdan, on the other hand, wore a tiny black bikini. She modeled her heart out, too.

So who would be America’s Next Top Model? We were about to find out. In panel, the judges had great things to say about both Marvin and Jourdan. Kelly loved Marvin’s first runway walk of the fashion show. She said he was sexy and beautiful and connected with the audience. But they also thought nobody could keep up with Jourdan’s walk, and she also looked amazing.

So, the judges took a look back at some of their past photo shoots. They said that Marvin has great energy and is “a doll” on set. They also noted that his “catwalk crew” was twice as big as Jourdan’s and wondered what that said about her. But, they thought Jourdan looks more like a classic model. The judges couldn’t agree on who was the right fit, and when they called Jourdan and Marvin back to announce the winner, I had no idea who it was going to be.

Finally, the winner was announced. America’s Next Top Model of Cycle 20 is… Jourdan! She cried tears of joy while Marvin looked really disappointed. He was gracious though, and said he was thankful that he made if here at all.

Tyra said that she really wanted a boy to win this cycle, but Jourdan was so amazing she couldn’t do it. Finally, Chris and Mike were each handed a thousand dollar check for being on Jourdan’s catwalk crew.

Were you happy with the results of Cycle 20? Let us know in the comments!

Image: the CW

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