Avril Lavigne - 'Avril Lavigne' review

Avril Lavigne’s self-titled album may surprise some people with mature songwriting, stepping outside (sometimes) of cookie-cutter pop and showcasing her most underrated asset; her voice.

Now, let’s not jump the gun here; Avril Lavigne will not disappoint her fans kicking it off with “Rock N Roll”, with her rap/pop style vocal and rebel-wannabe lyrics. We thankfully get out of that shtick with the album’s third track “17”, reminiscing about the age where life was so much easier and carefree; a song we might find on a Katy Perry record. Lavigne’s duet with husband Chad Kroeger the ballad “Let It Go” and the mature sounding “Give You What You like” are real standouts, and really show off her vocal ability, the latter with perfectly tender vocals. Rocker “Bad Girl” stands well on it’s on without trying to get street-cred by having Marilyn Manson put a few background yells and growls. The fun electro-pop “Hello Kitty” and catchy “Sippin’ On Sunshine” round out the album well. Huge credit to Lavigne as well for great use of the deluxe edition, which is well worth it just to hear her rip through Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation”.

There really is a little for everyone here, even for first time listeners, which is what makes this album such a smart and mature move for Lavigne at this point in her career.

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