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Double the 'Bones,' double the action: 'The Dude in the Dam' and 'The Fury in the Jury'

VICTIM: Sean Nolan
SQUIDTERN: Wendell Bray

The episode begins when two beaver enthusiasts attempt to examine a dam. Unfortunately, there is no beaver inside. When they catch of glimpse of the corpse inside the dam, they run frantically, and call the authorities.

Bones and Booth sit at home and discuss Tess Brown, a mystery novelist and a competitor to Bones. Bones begins to wonder if she has tact, but the phone interrupts her. They head to the scene of the crime.

The victim, male, was approximately 28 to 30 years old, and he has been dead for three days. The body is sent back to the Jeffersonian.

The corpse is covered with leopard slugs, which greatly amuses Hodgins. Bones, however, is not amused. She orders Wendell to remove the slugs, but Hodgins insists that he be the one to remove the slugs. When Dr. Brennan’s reaction is less than pleasant, he rushes to defy Hodgins. He gets stuck in the slugs. Hodgins attempts to remove him, and in the process is hit with slug.

When the bones are finally clean, the team is able to deduce that the victim had been bullied for at least three months.

Meanwhile, Hodgins realizes that a mosquito had deposited its egg into his own neck. When Wendell discovers this, he offers to have Cam remove it, but Hodgins refuses. He wants to be able to give birth (Only Hodgins).

When the victim is identified as Sean Nolan, Booth calls in his girlfriend for questioning. Sweets talks to her. She is an accountant, and she covered most of their finances. Nolan was a model; he would travel at weeks at a time for his job.

However, Angela, by hacking into Nolan’s old files on his computer, discovers that he had not modeled in months. She also finds a large amount of photos of children in his files, which concerns her.

Hodgins and Wendell observe the slugs. They are behaving erotically, which leads them to believe that Nolan was on some performance enhancing drug that the slugs must have ingested.

Bones and Tess Brown appear together on a talk show. Bones wants to apologize for accidentally insulting her writing. Brown eggs her on. As a result, Bones calls her writing “devoid of style and interest,” lacking fact.

Back in the lab, Angela uncovers the truth behind Nolan. He was a sperm donor. Booth calls in the Judith LaFranco, head of the sperm clinic. She tells Booth that because he was an Ivy League graduate (from Yale), she could charge more for his sperm. Booth catches her in the lie swiftly. Nolan attended Queens Community College, and dropped out after only one semester. She only continued the lie so she wouldn’t get laid off.

Meanwhile, Hodgins asks Wendell to be there when his larva is born. Wendell does not approve of being a “midwife.” On the other hand, Bones is very supportive of Hodgin’s desire to give birth. On a more related note, Hodgins discovers that the drug Nolan consumed, the same drug that is making the slugs erogenous, is HCG, a fertility drug. Cam concludes that because his testosterone levels were off the chart, that it could not be a legal form of the substance.

Booth calls in Nolan’s personal trainer, and likely dealer, for questioning. He denies everything. He has a large ego, but when things get violent, Booth takes him down with ease. Booth learns that one of Nolan’s clients, Mr. Robinson, was enraged when his product did not impregnate his wife. Booth then calls Robinson in for questioning.

This time, Sweets does the talking. Robinson promises that when he threatened to kill Nolan that it was just an expression. When a body is found, it’s slightly difficult to overlook seemingly empty threats. Robinson states that if he were to kill anyone it would be Judith because she recommended him.

Bones and Booth grab lunch at the diner, and Booth tells her that Judith had been paying Nolan. The release of Bones new book has been pushed up due to the drama with Tess Brown.

Hodgins finds the murder weapon. It was a three-edged hoe. Using her system, Angela recreates the crime, revealing that the victim was attacked in the pelvic region. The murderer went after his “livelihood.” Because of this, they believe that the murderer is more than likely female.

When Booth brings Judith back in for questioning, Bones discovers that she is pregnant. They think that she used Nolan as a donor, but she admits that they had an affair. Her and Nolan were to raise the baby together.

They continue to call in Nolan’s girlfriend for questioning again. She claims to have known about the affair. When it is revealed that Judith is pregnant, she starts laughing hysterically. Nolan never wanted children. He took pictures of the children he fathered because they were like trophies; it made him feel like a man, but he would never care for a child.

Back in the lab, Hodgins begins labor. Angela delivers the larva. Bones finds a fingernail in the eye socket of the skull.

Judith is brought in for questioning one final time. They have a warrant for her DNA, but before they can get it, she confesses. She admits that when she told Nolan about the baby, he laughed, and enraged, she killed him with the hoe.

In order to set things right, Bones visits Brown at the diner. Brown reveals that the feud was to improve her book sales. Bones calls this unhonest and manipulative and immediately leaves. One of the wait staff caught the entire conversation on camera, and Brown is ruined, whereas Brennan’s book sale sky-rocket.

Hodgins names his larva Jack, and a scientific journal wishes to interview him for his actions. (Again, only Hodgins).

VICTIM: Charlene Kidman and Barnes

On a new night, Bones premiered with not just one case but two. Two cases, seemingly unrelated, end up interlocking to create one massive case, and it’s up to our dynamic team to solve it. Also, we finally learn the identity of Cam’s identify thief! Check out the recap below!

The episode begins with a televised court case, of which Bones is on the jury. The trial is about the murder of Charlene Kidman, of which her husband, a star athlete, is being convicted.

Booth picks up Bones from jury duty. Bones to return to work for some relaxation, but Booth claims that it will only stress her out. Naturally, Bones denies this, and returns to the lab regardless.

A new body is brought into the lab. As Bones arrives, the team assures her that she is not needed; however, she doesn’t stay long as she is conveniently called back to court. Daisy discovers that the victim was shot twice, trying to escape by swimming away. Meanwhile, Cam is stressed with her identify theft problems.

In court, the Charlene Kidman case continues. As the defense attorney is presenting his case, Bones disagrees.

Drug package on beach. He claims not to have kklled anyone. Booth and Sweets believe him.

It is later discovered that the victim was either a horseback rider or motorcycle rider, due to the indentations on the bones in the pelvic region. Daisy offers Cam a place to stay if the identity theft situation gets too out of hand.

After the trial, the jury gathers. They all agree that man is guilty. Bones urges everyone to set aside his or her opinions and vote based purely on fact. With this, they decide to reconsider. Bones states that Kidman is guilty unless proven guilty. When they revote, only two people vote guilty. The floor person is not happy with Bones’ authority, but she continues to present evidence despite the floor person’s displeasure.

We learn that Barnes, a friend of Kidman’s, will no longer testify for him.

Back in the lab, Hodgins discovers that fabric was used to provide dust protection similarly to a car cover. They find a chemical on the car that ages no longer than eight days previously.

When Booth calls Bones on her break from Jury, he is careful to avoid any conversation about either case, as they are now interrelated. This catches Bones off guard. The jury, thanks to Bones, finds Kidman innocent, enraging everyone.

Barnes won’t testify for Kidman because he was the victim recently brought into the lab (Mind Blown).

Hodgins finds freshwater algae on Barnes’ body, but he was found dumped on beach, which is peculiar. The team decides to a to track what hydroelectric plant the victim drowned in by searching the plants in the area.

Meanwhile, Cam’s identity theft plot thickens. Angela discovers that the person who stole Cam’s identity is not only using her money, but is also acting like her to avoid suspicion in her purchases.

The FBI search team finds the pond the victim drowned in, and for further proof, they find a rock with blood and tissue, sure to be that of Barnes, on it.

Angela attempts to find the person who lured Barnes to his demise. She discovers that he had been communicating with someone with the alias “Kinky Kelly.” Her IP address is tracked to a public library. With security tapes, and with knowledge of the exact date and time of their exchange, Angela is able to discover the true identity of Kinky Kelly. Kidman’s sister, Allison, lured Barnes to the pond. Her vehicle was sprayed the same day that Barnes was killed.

They bring her in for questioning and arrest her. Hodgins found Barnes blood on her shoes.

Bones is upset that she is the reason Kidman went free. She is determined to link him to the death of Barnes to set things right. However, Kidman has an alibi, alleging his innocence.

Further examination of Barnes’ bones indicate a kick, probably caused by a soccer player.

The team examines the security tape of Kidman’s yard. He only leaves the home to retrieve the paper the next morning, which puzzles everyone. However, his body guard enters and leaves. Bones is the one to detect the slightest difference in gait, proving that Kidman leaves dressed as his body guard to help his sister murder Barnes.

In the interrogation room, Kidman denies everything. However, when Bones presents the gemstone found at crime scene, which fell from a broach on his coat, Kidman confesses.

Angela is able to locate Cam’s Identify thief. Cam recognizes her immediately as her college roommate, Hailey Kent.

And thus the plot thickens.

Next week on Bones, Bones gets tipsy.

You can catch Bones on its new night Fridays at 8pm on FOX.

Photos courtesy of FOX.

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