Natalie Gelman shines on latest EP ‘Streetlamp Musician’

Natalie Gelman has released her latest EP, Streetlamp Musician. Gelman who is from Los Angeles, makes an impressive debut into the music scene with her EP.

After the opening chords of “One More Thing,” music fans can tell this is going to be a different kind of album. This EP does not sound over produced or pop music driven. It is an honest, impressive collaboration of blending musical styles and showcasing Gelman’s voice.

Gelman’s music has a pop, folk and songwriter influence. This unique blending of styles really highlights Gelman’s incredible vocal range and delivery. Gelman’s voice at first listen sounds similar to Sheryl Crow but it also contains a deep, rich tone. Gelman’s voice is what will grab the attention of fans from the first note of “One More Thing” and will have them listening till the end of the album.

How this EP was produced really put Gelman’s vocals up front and added the instrumentals to surround and elevate that performance. This blending of musical genres really helps to showcases Gelman’s style and vision as an artist.

With this type of musical talent and passion, it will be only a matter of time before Gelman is on the radio airwaves and playing sold out shows.

Stand out tracks on the album include, “One More Thing,” “Most The While” and “Laugh So Hard You Cry.”

Watch the music video for “Most The While" from Gelman.

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