School removes wrecking ball after naked students parody Miley Cyrus video

Grand Valley State University removed its “bifilar pendulum” sculpture of a wrecking ball this fall after several students mimicked Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” music video.

Students at this university in Michigan began swinging on the ball parodying Miley Cyrus. At least one student swung on the sculpture in the nude; his video parody reached over 100,000 views on Youtube.

The sculpture was installed at the university in 1974, according to Fox News. After the parody videos surfaced, the school removed the sculpture in mid September. Now, they plan to reinstall in a new location with additional safety and security measures, according to m live.

Students have protested the removal of the pendulum, taking to twitter with the hashtag #ReinstallTheBall. They also protested on campus, gathering around the statue and singing “Wrecking Ball.” They even called for Miley Cyrus herself to come to the university and help to “sort it out” according

Check out one student’s parody at Grand Valley University below.

Image: Youtube screenshot

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