Top 10 Alicia Keys Songs

Alicia Keys made her debut in 2005 with the hit song “Fallin'” from her first studio album Alicia Keys: Songs in A Minor and since then she has made many impactful songs. With her calm and cool demeanor, her ability to play the piano and her powerful voice, she easily stood out as an R&B singer. Alicia Keys has made songs that talked about love, she made you remember the butterflies you felt when you were a teen that fell in love or had a crush, she helped people get through heartbreak and she spoke about girl power. Any emotion one has experienced, Alicia Keys could convey through her piano and her songs. Since her 2005 debut we have seen Alicia Keys's transition from a young girl into a woman - from jeans, braids and a guitar, to curls, dresses and heels - but her voice and heart have not changed. She is an artist that has so many great hits that it’s hard to narrow it down to just 10, but below is a list of my favorite songs from her.

10. “Girl on Fire”
This song speaks to the resilience of any girl or woman, who continues to not let anyone define her or place her in a box because she is in a league of her own.

9. “Unthinkable”
This song is about doing the unthinkable despite opposition, fear, and uncertainty.

8. “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart”
Anyone that has experienced a broken heart can relate to this song, but the song doesn’t just lament about the heartbreak; it gives strength to make it through the heartbreak, with lyrics like, “I’m gonna find a way to make it without you tonight.”

7. “Superwoman”
This song is for women who do so much, but never truly feel appreciated or thanked.

6. “Teenage Love Affair”
Remember the butterflies you feel when you think about your crush or get a text from them? This song so brings those emotions back. Love the '70s flair, colors, outfits and hair in the video.

5. “You Don’t Know My Name”
Another crush song, but about that moment when you have a crush on the person but they don’t even know you exist.

4. “If I ain’t got you”

This is such a loving song about having someone that truly wants you more than all the riches or material things in the world.

3. “Fallin'”
The frustrating up and downs that come with falling in and out of love with the same person, Alicia Keys totally put into words. Her voice was just fire in this song.

2. “A Woman’s Worth”
Every young girl and every woman needs to listen to this song because it’s empowering. It lets women and young girls know that they must know their worth and to not let anyone else define it for them. This song also speaks to young boys and men as well.

1. “No One”
This song is about that one person that you connect with on so many levels - that one person that can make you feel things that no one else can make you feel. If you have that one, dedicate this song to them.

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