Top 10 'Glee' performances (Videos)

Glee first came into the hearts of many fans when a few unknown actors sang, “Don’t Stop Believing” in a high school auditorium. From then on Glee topped the charts with their popular cover songs and even had a few original hits. These unknown actors turned into superstars’ overnight and fans tuned in every week to see what happened at McKinley High.

This year, Glee lost one of its own when Cory Moneith passed away. The show handled the passing with class and gave fans a special episode to mourn the loss of Cory. Glee honored Moneith and also started to move on with the storyline. Glee has always had a great way of dealing with hard issues and putting amazing music out for the fans. is counting down the top ten Glee performances from the first season to the current season, these are the top ten most memorable performances from Glee.

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