Top 10 Marvel Movies

With Thor: The Dark World arriving in theaters on Friday, decided to count down the top 10 Marvel movies. Marvel is one of the largest forces in the movie industry today. The Avengers broke box office records and made history worldwide, Iron Man (Tony Stark) has become a household name and Marvel has managed to bring Gods to the big screen. There is nothing that Marvel cannot do when it comes to bringing favorite comic book heroes to life.

To address a technicality, X-Men, is produced by 20th Century and The Amazing Spiderman, is produced by Sony, but these films still are under the Marvel banner, which is how they have landed on this list. Different studios own a few well-known Marvel characters.

From Thor to Capitan America these are the top ten Marvel films to date. Thor: The Dark World will be released in theaters on Nov. 8th.

10. Iron Man 2

The Iron Man franchises has been one of the best to be produced by Marvel. Even though Iron Man 2 is not one of the most exciting films when it comes to the Iron Man franchise, it was still well produced and featured the loveable, egomaniac, Tony Stark. Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. has created one of the most memorable characters in comic book movie history.

9. The Incredible Hulk

Even though the Hulk has been made many times, this version with Edward Norton had the best chance of being successful. This version of the Hulk really had strength and the power of a great acting team behind it. It took until the Avengers for the Hulk to really come to life on the big screen, but this version was not half bad.

8. The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man is a classic Marvel character. Many fans were worried about a reboot so soon after the original Spider-Man saga hit the big screen, but Andrew Garfield was one of the best Peter Parker/Spider-Man to grace the silver screen. Fans are now on the edge of their seats waiting for a sequel.

7. X-Men

X-Men was one of the first movies to really push the comic book genre into mainstream territory. Bryan Singer’s X-Men brought the entire X universe to life but also managed to bring back how popular comic book movies could be.

6. X-Men: First Class

In order to create the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past fans of the X-Men franchise had to go back into the past with X-Men: First Class. With a brand new set of actors playing some very high profiled X-Men, it was great to see the origin stories behind characters like, Mystic, Magneto and Charles Xavier.

5. Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 combined the best of what Iron Man has to offer and took on a darker side. The movie was a smash at the box office and with fans across the world.

4. Thor: The Dark World

Even though Thor: The Dark World is yet to be released but the trailers and buzz from across the pond, is proving that this might be one of the best sequels from Marvel to date.

3. Captain America: The First Avenger

Being the first Avenger to hit the big screen, pressure was on for Captain America and the Captain did not let fans down. Captain America had heart and really provided the ground work for the Avenger/Marvel Universe.

2. Thor

Marvel was able to bring a God to the big screen and make it relatable for fans all across the world. Thor was an immediate favorite for fans.

1. The Avengers

The number one Marvel movie is one of the most well known movies to date, The Avengers landed in theaters and made movie history. Featuring every member of the The Avengers this movie not only had a star power but had staying power at the box office.

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